6 Reasons why Certified Mail® Software makes great sense for many law firms

Posted by Charles Crutchfield on Oct 1, 2019 4:16:00 PM

Law firms that rely on Certified Mail® to move various asset recovery, claims and other processes forward have to meet strict archival requirements in case an important document's proof of delivery is called into question. For many law firms, this means that USPS Green Cards have to be stored in a secure location for many months, if not years. In addition, the hassle of waiting several days for a Green Card to return can add unnecessary stress to an already hard-working office staff.

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Batch processing makes mailing hundreds or thousands of Certified Mail® letters simple

Posted by Charles Crutchfield on Sep 27, 2019 4:14:00 PM

For businesses still preparing Certified Mail® with the old-fashioned USPS forms and postage meters, it’s hard enough preparing a few pieces at a time without inadvertently mixing up which forms go on which envelopes. When it comes to sending dozens, hundreds, or thousands of Certified Mail® letters, it’s a big hassle, requiring all sorts of manual labor.

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Sending Certified Mail® online

Posted by Charles Crutchfield on Sep 24, 2019 4:11:00 PM

Certified Mail® is unlikely to ever transition into an online service, what with the need for USPS confirmations of Acceptance, Delivery and Signatures. However web-based software makes it far easier to prepare Certified Mail® while enabling mailers to receive the USPS Proof of Acceptance without visiting the Post Office, receive the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) within 24 hours of their Certified Mail® being delivered, and manage all the data from their Certified Mail®, including postage expenses, in an online account.

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Category: Certified Mail® Education

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