Five ways to convince your office to love Certified Mail®

Posted by Charles Crutchfield on Oct 31, 2019 8:00:00 AM
Charles Crutchfield


Okay, maybe no one will ever love Certified Mail®, but if you switch to online Certified Mail® software from, the whole Certified Mail® process becomes fast and easy to manage. Here are five big benefits of using

1. Eliminates the old-fashioned Post Office forms and Postage Meters from the process.

Login, and the online software quickly creates Certified Mail® cover sheets and labels that print on your office printer and include electronic postage. Mail then one at a time, or us the Batch Process to prepare dozens, hundreds or thousands of Certified Mail® letters in a fraction of the time it used to take. 

2. Eliminates time consuming trips to the Post Office to get receipts proving USPS acceptance of your Certified Mail®.

A Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF file for each piece of Certified Mail® you send is posted to your account within a few hours of the mail carrier picking up your Certified Mail® letters. The Proof of Acceptance has been deemed by the IRS to satisfy their requirement for "timely mailing treated as timely filing and paying."

3. Eliminate waiting for Green Cards to be returned, and the need to file those original Green Cards for years.

With online Certified Mail® software, you receive the Post Office’s Return Receipt (Electronic), the legal equivalent of the Green Card, within 24 hours from the time your letter is delivered. No more waiting for Green Cards. Since the Return Receipt Electronic is a PDF file you can simply save the file to a PC or server, then print or email it as needed. That's a lot better than filling file cabinets with Green Cards, and then having difficulty finding specific Green Cards for legal matters. Plus the RRE costs less than the Green Card. 

4. Know what your business spends on Certified Mail®.

With online Certified Mail® software, all your Certified Mail® related transactions are saved in your account for 10 years, and are downloadable in Microsoft® Excel format, making it easy to track what you're spending on Certified Mail®. This also makes it easy to seek reimbursement from clients, when appropriate, because you can provide them a detailed worksheet showing the Certified Mail spending you incurred on their behalf.

5. Set a standard process for sending and managing Certified Mail® across your offices.

Online Certified Mail® software is very easy to learn and use whether you are working in a small office, or are in charge of mail operations at a large company sending Certified Mail® from dozens of office across the United States.

There are many more reasons to switch to web-based Certified Mail® software. Click here to learn more.
Or if you have any questions, you can contact us toll-free or by email.
If you are ready to sign up click here. There is no charge to set up an account.

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