6 Reasons why Certified Mail® Software makes great sense for many law firms

Posted by Charles Crutchfield on Oct 1, 2019 4:16:00 PM
Charles Crutchfield


Law firms that rely on Certified Mail® to move various asset recovery, claims and other processes forward have to meet strict archival requirements in case an important document's proof of delivery is called into question. For many law firms, this means that USPS Green Cards have to be stored in a secure location for many months, if not years. In addition, the hassle of waiting several days for a Green Card to return can add unnecessary stress to an already hard-working office staff.

As a result it comes as no surprise that more and more law firms are making use of the SimpleCertifiedMail.com web-based software platform to simplify their Certified Mail® processes, especially as SimpleCertifiedMail.com enables clients to receive the signed USPS Return Receipt (Electronic), the universally accepted alternative to the old-fashioned Green Card, within 24 hours of the postal carrier delivering the Certified Mail®. This one feature eliminates waiting for Green Cards to be returned from the recipient via the Postal Service, eliminates the need to file the Green Cards, and the all too often “we can’t find the Green Card panic”. Further, the Return Receipt (Electronic) remains in the clients online account for up to 10 years, and can be downloaded at any time, thus moving archiving from physical file cabinets to online cloud storage.

There are many other benefits to adopting the SimpleCertifiedMail.com software.

Elimination of Paper Forms

With SimpleCertifiedMail.com, you no longer have the hassle of filling out cumbersome manual forms, asking the mail room to apply Post Office receipts and Green Cards to envelopes, using a Postal Meter to apply postage, and dropping off your Certified Mail® at the Post Office. Instead, you simply log in and print out a USPS-approved cover sheet or label for each Certified Mail® letter - complete with electronic postage – then mail your Certified Mail® letter or packages, with no USPS forms at all.

Expedited USPS Confirmations

One law firm that sends out hundreds of pieces of Certified Mail® on a monthly basis switched over to using SimpleCertifiedMail.com. Now, instead of having to wait for as long as a week after delivery for the PS 3811 Green Card to return to the office, their office receives a Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF within 24 hours of delivery. Such expedited confirmation serves to relieve stress and can help propel a case forward more quickly.

Expense Tracking and Management

SimpleCertifiedMail.com keeps an accurate record of the costs you incur for each Certified Mail® item, making it possible to seek reimbursement from clients when it is appropriate, and enabling your organization to finally where the postage budget is being spent.

10 Year Storage

Each record of a Certified Mail® item, including USPS tracking data and confirmations, is automatically archived in your account for up to 10 years. Since the Electronic Return Receipt is accepted as a valid form of verification by the IRS, State and Federal Courts, and government agencies, you can easily transmit the PDF of your receipt, along with a validated "original signature," to any judicial body as needed.

No Monthly Commitment

There are no subscription fees, contracts, monthly premiums, hidden surcharges, or maintenance fees with SimpleCertifiedMail.com. You only pay for what you use, at a flat rate per item. This means that if for any reason you become dissatisfied with the software, you can easily walk away at any time, no strings attached.

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